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Welcome to the New Holly Lake Voice Pembroke Pines Website

For 2 years until January 6, 2017, Holly Lake Voice was the only forum available to its residents to present concerns and debate affairs in our community of over 560 mobile homes. Proudly independent of any interference from its Homeowners Association (HOA), the former site came under attack for revealing wasteful projects by the Board of Directors, serious deficiencies in lawn and legal services, and gaps in municipal services. Homeowners each pay $768/unit annually to their Association and more in property taxes for PPines security patrols and code enforcement by police. Former software and anonymity for its 65 members allowed trolls to disrupt productive conversation. The new Voice will follow rules similar to the NextDoor.com blog to which 110 Holly Lake residents now belong. Everyone can view this site to find current information not available from the Association’s neglected hollylakehoa.org site. The new Voice is the only secure website dedicated to long-term nonpartisan advocacy for Holly Lake residents.

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Holly Lake Pembroke Pines Board Meeting

Just in case you missed it….

At the board meeting on Sept 06 the board discussed eliminating back yards from cutting, meaning everyone will need to cut their own back yard.  Terry Moody, who suggested it,  said having back yards included in cutting resulted in too many complaints for her to deal with. The other board members thought it was a bad idea and discussion ended with no action taken. At the Oct 04 meeting, after announcing that Brightview had quit after only one cut stretched over 12 calendar days, the Board president again blamed desperate homeowners for delaying lawn crews.  She wanted to stop backyard cuts for any member with a fence. The Board replaced Brightview with Tropic Star, a smaller lawn service that admitted it would need 3 days to finish at $4,000/cut, less than Brightview. This may be a solution, if Tropic Star announces which homesites will be serviced on each day, so that residents need not keep gates open and pets inside for more than a single assigned cut date. Tropic Star began on Monday Oct 08 but did not finish until the next Monday Oct 15.  Its crew was polite and efficient. Report immediately any bad service or skirting damage to Kathryn Sajdak, Next Gen manager – 954-349-8777. Remaining questions: when will Tropic Star return? Will lawn service now organize our homesites into 3 or 4 groups by address, so that we know exact date to clear trash and open gates?

At the Oct 04 meeting, the Board voted to hire L&J Property for 3 days/week at $850/month for clean-up. Contract was rescinded at Nov 01 Board meeting in order to give maintenance job instead to Terry Moody’s unskilled vocal political supporter. The Board approved purchase of additional garbage cans for pool areas. Pole-type waste baskets to reduce litter in our parks were bought a year ago and still have not been installed. Five park benches paid by 2017 Board are also in storage. Delays of 7+ months continue on covering the clubhouse pool equipment and fixing magnetic locks. Clubhouse gym & sauna are now closed again to homeowners who pay their fees “due to vandalism.” The new high-res cameras can identify teen intruders who use parents’ cards to invite their pals into our rec hall, but the alleged damage has yet to be identified, so no fines can be imposed on parents.  Landscape sprinklers are turned off as dry season officially begins on Oct 15.  Ed Saenz, our last skilled maintenance man, was released before he could perform critical wet checks and repairs. Preserving Association assets and amenities is any Board’s FIRST legal responsibility.

The November 1st Membership meeting featured Nominations for the 2019 Board. At first, president Moody tried to roll over her 2018 Board by declaring lack of quorum. When Ed Batten presented 33 eligible limited proxies to achieve quorum, she claimed that they were “presented late.” Next Gen accepted and vetted them, so that nominations continued. Homeowners on recorded deeds nominated themselves or were nominated in person. Besides the 5 officers of 2018, all who want to continue in the current posts, Ed Batten stood for president, Nikki Cohen and John Chaves for vice-president, Louis Rivera for treasurer, and Julie Brito for corresponding secretary. Treasurer Wyant checked her books to determine if any nominees owed money to the Association, so that they could pay before Nominations Meeting was adjourned, in order to qualify per FS 720.306 (9-b). Candidates Batten, Rivera, and Brito each owed fee balances under $30. However, when all 3 offered to pay immediately, Next Gen refused to accept their payments, contrary to law and the Board officers’ fiduciary responsibility. The decision eliminates campaign competitors for current officers Moody, Wyant, and Badin. Last year, for far larger debts, president Moody demanded that Trisha Cogan be given 5 extra days to pay. Trisha will be seated unopposed for 2019. Except for vice-president, the other 4 officers will enjoy an engineered roll over.

Although members did not vote to adjourn, president Moody opened her monthly Board meeting. Next Gen presented a 2019 draft budget that the Board approved 5-0 without input allowed from the floor. Terry Moody then moved to pay new lawn service Tropic Star an extra $2,800 for first 2 tough cuts. Board also passed rules, already discussed at Special Oct 15 Board meeting for 2018 Elections campaign. Next Gen expects to mail out absentee ballot packages by Nov 18. Annual Elections are scheduled for Dec 06.

At its Oct 04 meeting, the Board authorized an ad hoc Elections Committee and called for volunteers among homeowners who are not running for office, in order to formulate procedures for the 2018 elections. Instead, on Oct 15, the Board itself became the “Elections Committee” and  adopted  procedures similar to those used last year. The Board then voted to deny homeowners the right to vote by electronic means, a legal option passed by the 2017 Board to reduce costs and guarantee tamper-proof results. E-voting improves turn-out by absentee owners, those who work at night, caregivers and the chronically ill, who could vote more securely from their own homes. Only 26 homeowners opted-in for the debut month November 2017; of these, 13 or 50% voted, far better than Holly Lake’s 20% general turn-out. However, of these 13, 12 voted for Terry Moody’s opponent.

Ask 2018 Board now to allow free and fair, competitive Election for our Dec 06 Annual Meeting !

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