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Welcome to the new site of The Holly Lake Voice

Welcome to the New Holly Lake Voice Pembroke Pines Website

About Holly Lake Pembroke Pines – For 2 years until January 6, 2017, Holly Lake Voice of Holly Lake Pembroke Pines was the only forum available to its residents to present concerns and debate affairs in our community of over 580 mobile homes. Proudly independent of any interference from its Homeowners Association (HOA), the former site came under attack for revealing wasteful projects by the Board of Directors, serious deficiencies in lawn and legal services, and gaps in municipal services. Homeowners each pay $768/unit annually to their Association and more in property taxes for PPines security patrols and code enforcement by police. Former software and anonymity for its 65 members allowed trolls to disrupt productive conversation.

The new Voice will follow rules similar to the NextDoor.com blog to which 100 Holly Lake residents now belong. Everyone can view this site to find current information not available from the Association’s “official” and neglected hollylakehoa.org site. Outside readers can view all news and comments. But to post comments or vote in polls, they will need to join with their real names and addresses to confirm their legitimate interest in Holly Lake Pembroke Pines affairs. Blog members are expected to maintain civility, avoiding political issues outside of Pembroke Pines and purely personal disputes. Nextdoor and two private Facebook pages promote social exchange. The Voice is the only secure website dedicated to long-term impartial nonpartisan advocacy for Holly Lake Pembroke Pines residents.

Holly Lake Voice Offers Needed Information

The new Voice offers information needed for advocacy that the Board and Next Gen’s website naturally fail to provide: a Back Talk blog on concerns submitted by residents, archived Minutes of the Board since 2017, readable versions of most governing documents of the Association, a PPines.com link to city services and upcoming events, and the extra State laws that govern our lives, because we chose to live in a mandatory HOA. Manned by elected volunteer directors, over 10,000 Boards function in Florida as extra “building & zoning” departments of their respective cities. Broward County has the highest penetration of homeowners subject to these extra rules in the USA: over 34% and nearly all neighborhoods west of I-75. We are subject to Florida Statutes 720 and 617 known as “the HOA Act”; condos are subject to Chapter 718. These are often amended annually by Florida’s Senate. Our Association’s own Bylaws have “order of precedence” over PPines, Broward and Florida ordinances, but they must not conflict with them. In fact, if minimum procedures are followed, Holly Lake has wide latitude to create fair and effective By-laws and Rules & Regulations that govern conduct in our 4 private parks and the use of our own homes. However, membership last approved major changes in 2006 and 2010, and so, some of our By-laws already contradict certain Florida Statutes.

Responsibilities Of Holly Lake Board

Assisting hard-working HOA and Condo directors in Broward is a billion-dollar industry of attorneys, Licensed Community Association Managers (LCAM’s) and other specialists like accountants or repair, security, and landscape firms. These professionals are regulated by different State agencies: attorneys by the Florida Bar, CAM’s by FS Chapter 468, and most other service providers by the DBPR (FL Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation). Most are honest, but their profit interest can conflict with the welfare of homeowners paying their bills. Legally, our Board has a fiduciary duty to us to supervise all of them, but in reality, self-interested or careless directors can allow any service provider to pad contracts in return for favors. Presently, the Board’s main attorney is also an attorney of Next Gen Management. To prevent abuses, members must insist on continual full disclosure from their elected Board and its manager.
Different from Chapel Trail, Silver Lakes, and other gated communities, Holly Lake’s streets are public. Our sidewalks and streets are owned and maintained by Pembroke Pines since Holly Lake was annexed 30 years ago. The original developer had to transfer all common amenities to the collective membership, who established Holly Lake Association, Inc. to manage them. We do own and can control behavior in our 4 private mini-parks: clubhouse, 2 pools, lake, ball field, boat ramp, all off-street parking. Yet we have no legal rights to control street access by outsiders. On some Code Compliance and police patrol issues, our Board lacks full authority.

Preserving Homeowners’ Rights

Our “Edge of the Everglades” community, Holly Lake Pembroke Pines, has been governed relatively well compared to other mandatory HOA’s and Condos across the USA. We’ve never had a major financial scandal nor lawsuit leading to special assessments. In part, it’s because until 2006, most decisions were made at monthly membership meetings, not by the Board. Uniquely, our officers are elected by membership, not by the Board, with defined duties, allowing independence for each officer to check the ambitions of the other four. Holly Lake Pembroke Pines homeowners also pitched in to donate their time and talents, instead of complaining. We do not allow unrestricted rentals, believing that owners take better care of homes they occupy. The new administrator is Bruce Michener, a 13-year resident homeowner and former corresponding secretary for 3 years. His email is michener@bellsouth.net or via the “Contact Us” drop-down for questions.

Holly Lake Pembroke Pines Board Meeting

Just in case you missed it….

At the board meeting on Sept 06 the board discussed eliminating back yards from cutting, meaning everyone will need to cut their own back yard.  Terry Moody, who suggested it,  said having back yards included in cutting resulted in too many complaints for her to deal with. The other board members thought it was a bad idea and discussion ended with no action taken. It could be that the new lawn service is trying to get out of work since they cannot get our lawns cut in one day.

There is a sign with photos in the mail room showing damage done by the new lawn service. Other people have mentioned that the lawn service has damaged their skirting also. To report any damage please call Kathryn Sajdak, Next Gen manager – 954-349-8777 and plan on attending the next board meeting Oct 04, 2018 to ask the board about your damage.

There is a sign posted by the board requesting applications for the job of Holly Lake maintenance man. It appears as though our maintenance man is no longer working for Holly Lake by mutual agreement. Sad, since he did good work and was a valuable member of the community. Until we find a new maintenance man, residents have no trash pick-up at our parks, no maintenance of common facilities, etc. and Next Gen charges us for its costly cleaning service.

Other people in the community are voicing their approval for eliminating backyard mowing by the lawn service, putting this responsibility on the individual owners. Is this what the community as a whole want? If you are for this move plan on buying a lawn mower to mow your back yard. If you are against this move get to the next board meeting and voice your opinion.

Plan on attending the next board meeting Oct 04, 2018 to ask the board any questions you may have.

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Holly Lake Pembroke Pines News

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Back Talk

This is a feature of our site that asks questions of the Holly Lake Pembroke Pines Community to find out how the community feels about issues. Please post your comments. You must be registered first as true Holly Lake resident with name and address.

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